New gluten-free alfajor

It´s natural that it feels lighter

Meet our brand new Havanna alfajor!

It is a gluten-free alfajor (cookie sandwich), made with 6 different types of seeds. Covered by our unmistakable 70% pure cacao dark chocolate and filled with the most delicious dulce de leche Havanna, this time 0% trans-fat. All these characteristics make it unique and lighter.


Our hermetically sealed packaging guarantees the safety required for a gluten-free product and consumer.


We created this alfajor following the latest nutrition trends, keeping the quality and flavour that we love.


Muscovado sugar

Rice flour

Chia, sunflower, white sesame, poppy, flax, and puffed quinoa seeds.

dulce de leche
Dulce de Leche (milk caramel spread)

Havanna Dulce de leche filling,
now 0% trans-fat.

dulce de leche

70% pure cacao dark chocolate cover.

dulce de leche

70% pure cacao dark chocolate cover.

Find out what Semilia provides you:

  • High in
    Omega 6
  • Source of
  • High in
  • High in
    Dietary Fiber
  • Low in


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Our Process

Semilia is produced to meet all the necessary requirements to be considered suitable for people diagnosed with celiac disease. To achieve this, we built a special area on our much beloved factory in Mar del Plata which complies with all the local laws and regulations, and acquired a certificate by the UCAL (Food Coordination Unit), institution under the Ministry of Agroindustry..

In addition, we make sure of keeping the freshness of our product by using a hermetically sealed packaging which preserves our much-known tastiness for a longer time. We guarantee to have a safety production process and to offer the best Havanna quality.

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